Deep in the undefiled forests of a small island in the great Southern Ocean, there grows a tree called Mānuka. And for just two to six weeks of every year the tiny white flowers of this tree produce minute quantities of a rare and remarkable honey.

For centuries the local indigenous people have accorded this honey almost mythical status. Modern science confirms that, unlike other honeys, Mānuka is charged with powerful energies that can aid in revitalising, rejuvenating and boosting the body’s natural immunity.

From the brief and unpredictable blooming of late spring flowers in ancient forests on a remote cape at the ends of the Earth, comes the pure, unadulterated gift of Mānuka. Here, high in the hills of New Zealand’s North Island, far from the footprints of people, you will find the hidden hives of Asentia.

And the honey gathered by the bees of these hives is rich in the distinctive colours and flavours of Mānuka. This truly is honey from the very home of Mānuka in the very heart of nature.